Can my child login and access their RoosterMoney account?

Each child has their very own RoosterMoney account they can access.

Just like you, kids can log in to their account and see how much pocket money they have, create goals to save towards, put money in their savings or check their statement. For PLUS users, kids can also tick off all those extra jobs they’ve done and we will cheer them over the finish line with their chores 😊

There are two ways they can access their account -

1. My child has their own device: 

You can set up their very own login details which they can use to access their account from their device.

  • Go to your child's dashboard
  • Click on the Settings cog in the top right
  • You will see an option listed called [child's name]'s login details
  • From here you can set their Username, Password and PIN
  • Have your child download the RoosterMoney app and then they can use these details to login

2. My child does not have a device: 

Your child can also access their own account from your device, using the 'Switch User' feature.

  • Click on your profile photo in the top left corner to access the quick navigation 
  • A navigation pane will slide out from the left
  • At the bottom of the navigation pane you'll see the button Switch User
  • Click on this to see all available accounts setup for your family
  • Click on your child to access their own account (so they aren't accessing their details from your parent account)
  • The very first time you do this you'll be asked to set a pin for your child
  • Enter this pin twice to save it and access their account
  • The next time your child wants to access their account, they'll just have to use this pin to login from your device

Question: What if my child forgets their PIN?

Answer: No problem! Follow the instructions in point 1 to check or reset their pin for them.

Question: What's the difference between my account and my child's?

Answer: When your child logs in to their account they have the ability to create goals, and allocate their money in their wallet towards these goals or to the safe. If you have subscribed to PLUS and have set your child jobs, they can also view and complete them straight from their account. From a parent's account, you can do the same activities on behalf of your child, or set up jobs if you're using PLUS.  They do look similar, so the best way to tell if you're in your account is by checking if your profile picture is in the top left of your screen.

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