Can my child spend their money?

In the free version of the RoosterMoney app, and with RoosterMoney PLUS, RoosterMoney acts as a tracker, for your kids to keep tabs on their allowance and savings, however you oversee the actual money that goes in and out of their account. No real money flows from a bank account through the app in the free and PLUS versions of the app. You can read more about the differences between virtual money and real money here.

So when your child wants to spend their money, you can use the 'Remove' feature to deduct money from their Spend pot and give them the actual cash or make the purchase on their behalf. This article shows you how to make a remove >> How to Remove money from your child's account

When your child finishes saving for a Goal, you will be sent a notification to approve it. Once approved, the amount gets deducted from their RoosterMoney account, but it's down to you to make the purchase to fulfil the goal. 

You can start using the app with real money by taking out our Account and Card subscription and getting your child a Rooster Card. This comes with flexible parental controls, letting you choose where and how much your children can spend, and with no risk of going overdrawn, you can let your kids take the next step towards confident money management. Our safe and secure card, built 100% with children in mind, will help prepare them for when they need their own bank account in the future.

You can read more about this here

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