Linking Jobs to Allowance (PLUS feature)

The capability to link Jobs to Allowance is a feature you can get as part of our RoosterPLUS subscription.

There are two types of Jobs you can set up for your child:

  • Allowance jobs that children have to complete to earn their full allowance
  • Extra Earner jobs to earn money on top of their allowance

When you go to your child's dashboard, you can tap the mop and bucket icon in the top-right to be taken to their Job list. 

How do Allowance Jobs work?

Allowance jobs can be setup for your child to complete in order to earn their allowance. These jobs are linked to the Allowance period and can impact what allowance gets delivered in line with what jobs your child has managed to complete in that time frame. 

There are Job Settings you can choose to decide how allowance should be delivered based on the Jobs they complete. You can choose to pay allowance in full (even if not all jobs are completed), to auto pay a percentage of allowance based on the number of jobs completed, or you can choose to be prompted to decide what allowance to give if not all jobs are completed in the period.  You can learn more about Job Settings here.

How do Extra Earner Jobs work?

Extra Earner jobs are those additional jobs your kids can do to earn extra money on top of their allowance. The main difference between Extra and Allowance jobs is that you can choose your own monetary reward for the job they are doing. When your child completes an extra job, the extra money will get added to their account when you approve it.

It is also worth noting that if you have jobs you want your kids to do without paying them, just leave the value field empty. 

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