Save time with quick swipe actions

We've built in some quick swipes you can do for quick actions. These can be used on Notifications in your inbox and for Jobs on your child's job list (for those subscribed to PLUS) . All you have to do is swipe your finger over the notification or job tile to have the quick action appear for you.

This means you don't have to click into a notification to action it, or click on a job to mark it as approved or re-open it. 

Swipe to Dismiss

You may be informed of key activities or news in your notification inbox. You can quick swipe to 'Dismiss' once you've finished reading it. 

Swipe to Approve

When your child has completed saving for a Goal, you can quick swipe to 'Approve' it from your notification inbox. This will approve the Goal and remove it from their Goals dashboard. However, if you want more options, like to approve the Goal but have it stay in pending to fulfil later, it's best you click into the Goal to get that option.