How to invite a Parent or Guardian to your family account

RoosterMoney lets you get the whole family involved. 

You can add one extra Parent or Guardian to help manage your family account by following these instructions:

  • Open the 'menu' in the top right from your parent dashboard 
  • Click on 'Manage Family'
  • To invite a secondary paren/guardian, tap the 'plus' sign found in the bottom right and click 'Add Parent'
  • From there you can enter their email address and fire off an invite
  • Once they've signed up, they can download the RoosterMoney app and login with the credentials they created

Question: Can I add more than one extra parent/guardian?

Answer: You can only add one extra parent/guardian in the foundation version of RoosterMoney, but If you subscribe to RoosterPLUS you can add as many extra parents/guardians as you'd like. Find out more about PLUS here.

Question: My secondary parent/guardian can't sign up using the link I've provided!

Answer: This can occur If they downloaded the RoosterMoney app and signed up before you sent them the invite. As there can only be one email address associated to a single account, they cannot link that account to your family's. The best thing for them to do is to delete their account from within the app, then revisit the unique link you sent to sign up to your family account

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