Making changes to / deleting a job (PLUS feature)

Note! We are currently rolling out a new version of our Jobs feature. Take a look at the screens to check which version you are on, and then find the correct instructions below.

Chores v1 

If your chores list says ‘Jobs’ at the top, has a colourful background, and has separate allowance jobs and extra jobs lists, then you are on Chores v1. 

(If you are keen to move over to Chores v2 just send our team a quick message in the app and we can move you over!) 

Chores v2

If your chores list says your child’s name at the top, has a white background, and has both allowance jobs and extra jobs in the same list, then you are on Chores v2.

Chores v1

To make change to a job or to delete a job:

  1. Go to your child's Jobs list
  2. Tap on the listed Job you want to make a change to or delete. Note: you need to tap an instance of the job which is not marked as approved/missed. 
  3. In the top right corner you will see an 'Edit' button, tap on this to see your options
  4. From there you will see the 'Delete Job' button

There are slight differences between what you can or can't change in regards to Allowance and Extra jobs:

  • Allowance Jobs: you can only change the Job title, picture and description
  • Extra Jobs: on top of the above, you can change the due date and days they repeat (as these aren't linked to allowance delivery there are more edit options available)

Chores v2

You cannot currently edit a job in Chores v2, but we are hoping to introduce this soon!  

If you need to make changes to a job you will need to delete it and add it afresh. 

Deleting a job will delete all instances of the job for the child whose list you are on. If the same job is assigned to other children it will not be deleted for them. 

To delete a job:

  • Go to your child’s jobs list and tap on the job you want to delete. Note: this job will need to be in the ‘To do’ section. You cannot delete an approved or not done job
  • Tap the ‘Delete’ button in the top-right corner
  • Tap to confirm

Question: I've just created a job, but now I can't see it on my child's list. Why is that? 

Answer: If you added a new job on a day that has already passed in the Allowance period, it won't appear until Allowance has been delivered and the new Allowance period has started. (e.g. It's Thursday and Allowance gets delivered on Friday and the job repeats on Monday and Wednesday - those jobs won't appear on your child's list until Friday when the new Allowance period starts) 

Question: I would like to re-order my jobs, can I do this?

Answer: There isn't currently a way to re-order jobs in a list. However Jobs appear in the same order you used to add them in. So the first job you added will remain on the top of the list and any other jobs appear under each other. 

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