Save explained and how to use it

Everyone loves a savvy saver, but it's always a tough one when you have to prioritise between saving for a rainy day and getting a new pair of sneakers.

Something we baked into the app early on was a special pot for stashing some cash away to make it all a little more painless. Whereas the Goals feature helps focus saving on specific items like a new pair of roller skates, a mega Lego set or pony lessons, Save is for a rainy day or just general under the mattress saving.
Your child can ' Transfer' money from their Spend pot to their Save pot when they want to put some money aside. 

And as a parent you can have the added option to make a ' Boost' or ' Remove' directly into the Save pot. This comes in handy if your child gets a gift from the grandparents you want to add straight to Save!

By clicking on the quick action icon (...) in the bottom right corner, you will see options to Boost, Remove or Transfer to and from Save. 

You also have the option to make a ' Boost' directly to the 'Save' from your family dashboard, without needing to go into the Save pot. Just tap the plus (+) button next to your child, and switch the pot to Save when you're on the Boost details screen.