View a summary of my child's earning/spending

If you'd like to review transactions in your child's account, you can view  the account  'Statement':

  1. By tapping the Account Total at the top of your child's dashboard 

  2. Under your child's settings you'll also find the Statements

If you'd like to review the transactions for a specific pot (e.g. Spend, Save or Give), you can do this by clicking the total from within the pot. 

From Statement you can:

  • View the incomings and outgoings listed in a Statement view -
    • Allowance received
    • Funds boosted or removed
    • Goals that have been approved and fulfilled
    • Funds moved out of the Safe into a Save pot
    • Earnings from completed Extra jobs (PLUS feature)
    • Interest earned from funds stored in the safe (PLUS feature)
    • Set Regular outgoings (PLUS feature)

From History within a pot, you can view:

  • Funds boosted and removed within that pot
  • Transfers between pots
  • Auto-saving samounts added
  • Interest earned on the Save pot (PLUS feature) 

Scroll to previous months by sliding across the months with your finger.

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