How to reset contactless payments to avoid SCA declines

What are SCA Declines?

Like all payment service providers, RoosterMoney is required to be compliant with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulations. SCA regulations require your child to periodically validate their identity when making purchases by using their PIN. Your child will be asked for their PIN after 5 consecutive contactless transactions, or when they’ve spent £135 cumulatively without the use of Chip & PIN. Whichever comes first! This is exempt in situations where a PIN cannot be used (e.g. public transport) and your child should not be declined for SCA. 

You can find out more about SCA and how it works here >>

How you can better manage SCA with your child

The Remedy: Reset Contactless Use, turn on push notifications, and set a memorable card PIN

Resetting Contactless

The only way to satisfy SCA is to do periodic identity checks -- so we know fraudsters aren’t using your child’s card without your knowledge! Therefore, instead of entering their PIN at checkout, you and your child have the option to reset the SCA “counter” directly via the app. 

Every time contactless is reset, your child will be able to make 5 consecutive or up to £135 in contactless transactions before they’ll be asked for their PIN, or until contactless is reset on the app again. .

Before you can reset contactless on your child’s card, you’ll need to verify the devices your family is using.

Once you’ve verified your devices, you’re now ready to reset your child’s contactless!

  • Tap “Card” under your child’s name on the family dashboard
  • Tap “Reset Contactless”
  • Tap the button to confirm your child has their card
  • Your child’s contactless has now been reset

Your child can also reset their contactless via their account. They can follow the steps below to do this:

  • Tap on the card flag on their child dashboard
  • Tap “Reset Contactless”
  • Tap the button to confirm they have their card
  • Their contactless has now been reset

Stay informed with push notifications

If you have push notifications enabled, both you and your child will be notified when the next contactless purchase would require PIN verification. If you tap on the notification, you’ll be taken to the reset contactless page in the app. 

You and your child will also get a notification when a transaction is declined due to the SCA limit being met. So do make sure you and your child have push notifications for RoosterMoney turned on so you know why a transaction has been declined. Alternatively, if you wish to reset the contactless before this point, just follow the steps laid out above.

Help your child set a memorable card PIN

On the occasion your child is asked for their PIN at checkout, all they have to do is enter their PIN number and the transaction should go through. They can view their PIN anytime by going to their Card Settings and by tapping “View Pin”. If your child hasn’t done so already, w they can change their PIN to a memorable one by going to an ATM and selecting ‘Card services’ which gives an option to change the PIN. Learn more about managing your Rooster Card PIN here.

If you have any questions about this then please get in touch with the team via the Contact Us button in the app or via