How to add money to a Goal

Both you and your child can allocate money to a Goal. 

But the best lessons are learned when kids are in the driving seat, so the more you can get them to manage their goals, the better!

When your child has money in their Spend pot, they can allocate that towards a goal.

To do this, they will need to:

  • Navigate to their 'Goals' dashboard
  • Click on the goal they'd like to add money to
  • Tap on the 'Transfer' button at the bottom right of the screen
  • From there, a pop up will appear which states what's available to add from their wallet and then they can use the slider to add some money to that goal
  • Alternatively, they can also use the plus (+) sign to get a more exact amount

When they've reached their goal, they can send a request to let you know they've achieved their goal, and then it's over to you 'Approve' and fulfil the purchase. 

Note: If your child has a Rooster Card then when you approve a Goal, the money is returned to the Parent Account. You can then either make the purchase on their behalf, or you can Boost the money back over to their Spend pot and they can make the purchase themselves with their Rooster Card.

Question: Can my child remove money from a goal?

Answer: Yes, they can remove money they've allocated to a goal, by following the instructions above, but instead of clicking to add money, they can tap the minus (-) sign to deduct money. Money removed goes back into your child's spend pot to be spent elsewhere. 

Question: I've approved the goal but now I don't know where it's gone! How can I see a history of goals that I've approved for my child?

Answer: On your child's 'Goals' dashboard you will see an archive box in the top right (next to the plus sign). That is where all approved goals are stored for you to refer back to.