Create a Standing Order to topup your Parent Account

A standing order is set up using your regular bank account and creates a payment to be sent to your RoosterMoney Parent Account on a regular basis. You can choose the amount and how often it is paid. 

This ensures that you always have enough money in your RoosterMoney Parent Account to cover your children’s pocket money, chore money, without having to remember to topup.
It is different from Direct Debit as a Standing Order is created by you, rather than the company, and provides more flexibility as you can change or cancel it when need be.
You create a standing order from your regular banking app or website. The following links show how to set up a Standing Order depending on your personal bank:

HSBC: Click here

Lloyds: Using the Mobile App Click here or using the Webpage Click here

Royal Bank of Scotland: Click here

Barclays: Click here

NatWest: Click here

Santander: Click here

Monzo: Click here

First Direct: Click here

Nationwide: Click here 

TSB: Click here

Starling: Click here