What to do if there is a transaction that you don’t recognise

If you see a transaction on your statement or in a notification that you and your child do not recognise, freeze the card straight away. Once frozen the card cannot be used to make any payments until you unfreeze it.

Next, review the transaction to make sure it isn’t something that you have authorised. Sometimes it can be difficult to recognise transactions that you have made for one of these reasons:

  • It could be a payment for a subscription that you signed up to but have forgotten about. Check if you have paid them before.
  • The merchant might show up with a different name on statements. For example, if you buy concert tickets the statement might show the name of a ticket selling company, rather than the name of the event.
  • The payment could be an active card check. Companies such as Amazon and PayPal will take a small amount of money before taking a full payment to check that your card is real.

When you are sure you don’t know what the transaction is for get in touch with our customer support team through the app, email or phone and we will help you.