Top tips for staying safe from fraud

When accessing your RoosterMoney account:

  • Make sure you keep your device up-to-date
  • Use secure wifi networks
  • Use strong passwords
  • Don’t share any passwords including your pin and password

When using a mobile app:

  • Only install apps from recognised app stores
  • Consider the app ratings and reviews
  • Be aware of what permissions you are granting
  • Treat your phone as your wallet

When shopping online or in a store:

  • When using an online retailer for the first time, do some research to make sure that they are genuine
  • Do not reply to unsolicited emails from companies you don’t recognise
  • Before entering your prepaid card details, make sure the link is secure.  There should be a padlock symbol in the browser frame window which appears when you login or register, if this appears on the page rather than the browser it may indicate a fraudulent website.  The web address should begin with https://, the ‘s’ stands for secure
  • Always log out of websites after you use them. Simply closing your browser doesn’t make sure that your personal information is safe.
  • Keep your PIN safe and do not share it
  • When entering your PIN, be aware of people around you and hide your PIN number
  • Always check your statements