Where the card can and cannot be used

What we block by default
Over 18 merchants
The Rooster Card cannot make purchases from places classed as ages 18+. We use the information that these places give themselves in the Visa Category scheme. Due to how merchants list themselves there may be cases where these blocks are limited.  
Here's an example! A local shop sells food and alcohol. If it has categorised itself as an off-license, the Rooster Card will not be able to spend in the shop. However, if they have listed themselves as a general retailer, the card will be able to spend.
The categories we block are:
  • Nightlife
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Fuel
  • Gambling
  • Airlines
  • Money transfers
Question: My purchase was blocked by this rule but I don’t think it should have been!
Or! My purchase wasn’t blocked by these rules but I think it should have been!
Sorry about this! We currently rely on how merchants list themselves to decide what to block. In some cases this won’t be correct. 
When this happens we would love you to get in touch and tell us about it. We use your feedback to make our systems smarter and prevent this happening in future. 

Question: Can I block or unblock a specific merchant using these rules?
No, you cannot opt in and out of certain merchants. These rules are currently set by us for all of our users. 

You cannot make a cashback transaction with the Rooster Card. 

Mag stripe / swipe card payments
You cannot make payments using the card’s mag stripe (these are transactions where the card is swiped and you sign to approve the payment). We have disabled these because they are more affected by fraud than other payment types, and we want to protect our users from this. 
This block includes offline payments where the imprint of your card is taken, and the actual transaction is made later, such as on an aeroplane. 

Optional parental controls
You can choose which payment types are allowed to be made on the Rooster Card from within Card Setting in your app. You can enable and disable these with one touch so you have the freedom to adapt these to your needs. The options here are online purchases, ATM withdrawals and in store purchases.
To change these settings: 
  • From your dashboard tap Manage card under your child’s profile.
  • Tap the Card Settings option.
  • There is a switch next to each payment method option that you can toggle between green to allow, and red to block.
Additional services 
Currently the Rooster Card does not work with Apple or Android Pay.