Can other people add money to my child’s Rooster Card?

Friends and family can add money to the Rooster Card by transferring the money to your Parent Account. You can then transfer this to the Rooster Card with a boost.

1. Friend/family transfer money to your parent account: any friend or family member can send funds to your parent account by making a bank transfer from their regular banking app. Just share your parent account sort code and account number with them, and ask them to send the money there.

2. Boost the money to your child’s account: once you get the notification that these funds have arrived, you can send them over to your child’s account. From your dashboard, tap the + button next to your child. Enter the amount to transfer and on the next screen you will be asked to confirm which one of their pots to add the money to, and if you would like to add a reason to go with the transaction. If you want the money to go straight to the Rooster Card make sure to select the Spend pot.