How to top up your Parent Account

You can add money to your Parent Account by making a bank transfer from your UK bank account.

From your dashboard, tap on the Parent Account icon and you will see your unique sort code and account number at the top of the page. 

Make a note of these details, then go to your bank account and setup a new transfer.

You can also add Money to your Parent Account through topping up via a Debit Card.

From your dashboard, tap on the plus sign located on the right hand side of the Parent Account icon. From there, you will see an option titled, "Card Top-Up". 

From there, you can select the amount you would like to add and setup a card payment. 

Question: How can I transfer money back out of my Parent Account?

The quickest to withdraw money from your Parent Account is to transfer it to the Rooster Card using a Boost, then withdrawing it from an ATM.

If this won’t work for you, get in touch with our Customer Support Team and we will help you out.

Question: Can I top up by direct debit?

We don’t currently allow top ups by direct debit, but you can set up a standing order from your bank account which will set up a monthly payment in a similar way!

To do this: tap on your Parent Account card from your dashboard. Make a note of your account name, sort code and account number. Login to your banking app or website and create a new standing order with those details.