Activating your Rooster Card

To activate your child’s card, login to the RoosterMoney app using your parent login.

When you activate the card, we graduate all of the child’s tracker money to real money. This amount is moved from your parent account to their account. Only the money in the child’s Spend pot goes on to the card itself, the funds in the other pots are held separately. You can read more about the differences between virtual and real money here.

To get ready to activate you might need to:

Once you’ve activated the Rooster Card, you will see an entry on your child’s statement which shows your child’s Rooster Card being activated and their virtual money being graduated to real money. Any transactions previous to this are all virtual money, any transactions after this are all real money.

The first time you spend money in-store with the Rooster Card you will need to make a chip and PIN transaction to activate the chip. However, you will be able to use the card for online purchases straight after activating the card in the app! 

Unfortunately some chip and PIN machines may not work. 

After that, you can make contactless payments.